Activex - Clinical Treatment :

Step 01 Activex Recovery Shampoo. 

  • Antiseptic shampoo with clay for tropical climates.
  • Offers deodorizing and cleaning properties.
  • Gentle to skin while removes yeast and bacteria from lift scale and crusty flaky skin.
  • Detox, dissolves and lifts scale and surf from pets.
  • Complete the treatment with Activex Recovery Medicate Spray for intensive and preventive fungal treatment.


Step 02 Activex Recovery Medicated Spray. 

  • Leave on Spray which helps alleviate fungal skin infections.
  • Provides relief from itching.
  • Spray to local lesions, then liberally over the pet, especially hot spots, paws and ears immediately when still damp.
  • TO be used after Activex Recovery Shampoo as follow on treatment.


Every bottle bought $1 will be donated to Pawsolution's Shelter of the Month!

Activex Recovery Shampoo Set (250ml e each)